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Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2000, FS2002 & FS2004

Using a device called a USB Hub (that can be purchased On-Line, Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot ect.), you can connect an unlimited number of Interfaces to your Computer (limitations on the actual number of Interface devices depends on your computer Manufacturer). Below is a schematic on how to connect up to 10 Spring Return buttons to a USB/10 Button Interface using a standard 15 pin FEMALE Connector (MIDI Cable will work just fine). The internal circuitry in the Interface includes what is called Switch De-Bouncing. De-Bouncing is a term to discribe the action (internal to a switch) when the terminals make multiple connections when the switch is pushed once. If de-bouncing is not taken into consideration, your Flight Simulator will act upon these switch closures.

Model #505 No Longer Available

Connecting a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Toggle Switch to the Interface

Figure 1 shows a rather simple circuit that uses a Toggle switch, 2200uf capacitor and a 5 volt DC relay. Figure 2, you will find a simple Power Supply fashioned from inexpensive parts that can be purchased from a number of suppliers that can be found on the internet.
BG Micro ALL Electronics Corp. 555 N. 5th Street Suite 125 905 S. Vermont Ave. Garland, TX 75040 Los Angeles, Cal 90006 http://www.bgmicro.com http://allelectronics.com
(NOTE: If you wish to use ONLY Spring Return Switches, the Power Supply is NOT Needed)

When wired to this configuration, 5VDC from the Power Supply (Fig 2) is allowed to enter the Relay through the CLOSED contacts of the SPDT Toggle Switch. The Relay Pulls-in for about .5 seconds. With the Normally Open contacts of the Relay are wired to the USB Interface's J1 Connector (Example Pins 1 and 9); your Flight Simulator senses this relay closure and preforms the function YOU Assigned to the program using the Flight Simulator's Settings/Assignment page.

Now if the SPDT Toggle is switched to its opposit direction; the capacitor now Discharges through the Relay. Thus allowing it to once again, Close for another .5 seconds. Example; say you programmed your Flight Simulator to turn the FUEL PUMP "ON/OFF" using this Toggle Switch. Onced programmed to preform this operation,

(See http://www.DeskTopAviator.com/Installation/USB/index.htm)

you can wire up to 10 SPDT circuits (Fig 1); Connect all 10 switches to the 5VDC Output from the Power Supply; then using the Microsoft's Flight Simulator's Settings/Assignment page; program the 10 SPDT Switches to preform all sorts of useful functions on your aircraft (See Fig 3).
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