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Add-on Ignition Switch Panel
Model 2885
Wiring & Installation Instructions
Installing of the
2885 Ignition Switch
Installing the Ignition Switch requires very little time. All you need is an unused USB Port. Additional Ports can be added to your computer by using a device called a USB Hub. These Hubs can be purchased for as little as $20.00 in the Internet. Just plug a USB Cable Series "B" into the jack on the 2940, then into the USB Port on your computer. The computer will sense the Controller and load the required software for its proper operation. The 2885 will be sensed as "Engine 1 Ignition".

To verify that you computer has accepted the Interface, you can goto the "
Game Controller" window. To do this, just click on "START" (located in the lower left hand corner of the computer s monitor); then click on "Control Panel"; then "Game Controller".

Using Computers with Operating Systems like Win 7, Win 10 ect, the procedure for displaying the Game Controller
(Printers and Devices) is different then described. Using a Win XP, your computer should display the following in the Properties Window.:

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To the right is the Engine 1 Ignition  window shown in the Calibration Window with all of the available inputs.
When turning the key switch, RED Buttons #28 and #32 will light. These are the USB Outputs that are configured to control:
Engine OFF/Mags Left/Right/BOTH/START
The remaining inputs can be wired to a standard on/off Rocker and/or Toggle switch
To make use of all the features the 2885 has to offer, you can take a handfull of SPST (on/off) switches and wire them to the supplied 3-pin Female Connectors Note: Two switches for each connector. For full operation, you need to make 6 Switch Assemblies as seen on the right.
Center Pin
Ground (x6)
Silkscreened Pin Numbers
To the Right is a diagram showing a bare circuit board with the silkscreened pin numbers. There are 3 male terminals for each row of pins. The center row is the Common Ground. With the 7 switch assemblied complete, plug the 3-pin connector into these connectors. The Available Switch inputs are as follows:
Pins #2 and #1
  Pins #16 to #20 Unavailable
Pins #4 and #3
Pins #6 and #5
  Pin #15
Pins #8 and #7
  Pins #13 and #14
Pins #10 and #9
  Pins #11 and #12
LEFT Side of Board
RIGHT Side of Board

When the switch assemblies are connected to the board and the board is plugged into your computer's USB Port, you can now configure each switch to a desired flight function
All switch configurations are made in the SETTINGs window of your flight sim program. Although only sample setting are seen, the procedure will change depending on the flight sim you are using. Right now, all major flight sims are supported. This included FSX, FSX se, X-Plane 10/11 and the New MS2020
To configure the extra inputs, look for a setting function similar to:

Landing Lights on
Landing Lights off

Pitot Heat on
Pitot Heat off
Model 2885 Add-on Ignition Switch shown with optional 2855 Switch Panel (LG-Series)
Ignition Switch Configuration
Button 28: sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_1
Button 29: sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_1
Button 30: sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_1
Button 31: sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_1
Button 32: sim/starters/engage_starter_1

Setting up the new key switch is again, a simple process. If you have the 2885 key switch mounted to the left of either the 2820 or 2855 Cessna Switch Panel, it must be configured to control the LEFT Engine. Below is the setting configurations needed for this.The setting arrangement is shown for use with X-Plane 10 or 11, but can be easily adapted for use with FSX/FSUIPC
Now, if you are upgrading from a Single to a Twin Engine aircraft and you have your Cessna Panel already configured as such, the Key Switch MUST now be reconfigured to control the RIGHT Engine. All other toggle switch assigmments will remain the same
Button 28: sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_2
Button 29: sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_2
Button 30: sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_2
Button 31: sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_2
Button 32: sim/starters/engage_starter_2

(2885 Add-on key switch)
(2805/2855 Cessna Sw. Panel)