CESSNA Style PUSH/PULL Throttle Slide Control Assy. 
(Model #1090) 

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PUSH/PULL Slide Assembly 

for Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2000,
FS2002 & FS2004
ALSO Compatible with the NEW
Flight Simulator X


Thank you for your purchase of our Cessna Push/Pull Throttle Slide Assembly


     CONTAINS the Following:

* 100K Ohm Slide Potentiometer
* Mounting Bracket + Hardware
* 6 inch Plastic Rod (.25in Dia.)
* Un-Painted Wooded Knob




By purchasing this Slide Assembly, you have taken the first step in Designing and Building your very own Throttle Quardant. Seeing that the Slide Assembly is part of a family of components called "Analog", you need to have the assembly connected to a device that can be controller using variable voltage levels. Unlike "Digital" components that have either an "ON" of "OFF" condition (example: Toggle, Rocker, Slide Switches and Relays), Analog devices create a voltage level that changes in proportion with a changing state. In the case of the Slide Controls, the varying voltage is created by the changing resistance on the 100K Ohm Potentiometer. So to have your Flight Simulator "sense" the varying voltage produced by the potentiometer, you will need to have the Assembly connected to either a "Gameport to USB Converter" or a "USB Adapter". It is beyond the scope of this short Instructional article to get deeply involved with the interfacing of the Slide Assembly to these devices but I will give you basic information in the slide itself.

If you have purchased the Optional Plastic Faceplate. This is a good place to start. Figure 1 shows the Dimensions of the faceplate. Here we will measure the placement and drill 3 holes so the Slide Assembly can be mounted. Even if you want to build a Cessna Skyhawk Throttle Quadrant, you can still drill 3 holes. One for the Throttle, the second for the Fuel Mix and the third for a Spring Return Toggle Switch that can be used as Flaps Adjust.

First; Measure down 1.15 inches from the top on the LEFT side. Then measure 1.15 inchec from the top on the RIGHT side. Using a ruler connect the two marks. This line divided the faceplate in half. Next, from the Left hand side, Measure 1.516 inches. Place a make. Then measure 1.516 in from the Right side. Place another mark (both marks are to be made on the previously Centerm Line). Then measure 3.886 inches from either the Left or Right side. Place a third mark.  On these three marks, take a hammer and nail and tap the nail at the location of these marks. This will prevent the drill from "Wondering" when you make the holes.

Next, take your Slide Assembly and remove the Nut and Lock Washer. The Diameter of the Slide's Mounting Assembly is about .38 inches. Insert a bit into your drill and drill the three holes we just marked. You can easily remove any "plastic burrs" by taking a .5 inch drill bit and BY HAND rotate the .5 in bit back and forth on both sided of the panel.

With the holes now drill, you can mount the Slide Assemblies. Below is a photo on what your Cessna Skylane panel should like.

Turn the panel over so that are looking at the slide's solder lugs.

If you plan on wiring the Slide Assembly to a USB Adapter, the adapter needs 3 wires running from the slide potentiometer. Wire #1 needs to deliver +5 volts to the Slide via its PIN #1. A GROUND is also needed. Here at PIN #3, you can wire the System "GND". The variable voltage output from the slide pot is located at PIN # 2.

If you plan on connecting the Slide Assembly to a 15 PIN to USB Converter. Read on. These devices operater like a standard Joystick. All they need is 2 wires from 2 Slide Assemblies (Axis X and Y). A 15 Pin to USB Converter will be the perfect add-on to your project if you plan to construct a Cessna Skyhawk quadrant. The Skyhawk requires only 2 Assembles. One for the "X" Axis and the second for the "Y" Axis. If you wish to use a 15 Pin to USB Converter for a Skylane Throttle, make sure that the Converter is capable of providing the needed 3 Anaolg input points.

If you plan on wiring the Assembly to a "15 Pin to USB Converter", all you need is the +5VDC and the Assembly's OUTPUT. The GROUND is Not Used.

A Needed Explanation: The Slide Assembly has two number "2" pins (see Above). This indicates that BOTH pins are connected to the SAME Point inside the Potentiometer. BOTH pins are connected to the Output of the slide. So either one can be used as the OUTPUT connection.


With your purchase, you also received 3 unfinished wooden knobs. The hole in the center is only .125 inches. To be mounted on the .25 inch plastic rod, it must be re-drilled to the proper size. In order to keep the "Center" hole in its proper location while drilling, I drill 6 holes. Each hole slightly biger then the last until the final size is reached.

I would start of with a.137 drill bit. Drill one hole in each of the three knobs. Change this bit for a .156 inch bit; then drill the knobs again. The third bit I used is .184. The fourth is .197 and the fifth is .216 inches.

Seeing that the Assemblies' plastic rod is .25 inches in diameter and a standard U.S. drill bit is also .25 inches you might have to "ream out" the hold until the knob slides easily onto the rod. If you have access to a collection of Metric Size Drill Bits, all the better. A #6.5 metric drill bit is .255 inches. This is the perfect size that will allow easy insertion on the knob on the Slide's plastic rod.


Once the knobs are drilled to the proper size, you might want to start thinking about painting them. In an aircraft, these colors are standard: BLACK Knob for the Throttle Lever; RED for Fuel Mixture Adjust; BLUE for Prop Pitch. Inexpensive paints can be found in any hardware store or even the "Crafts Dept" in your local Wal-Mart. To prevent paint brush streaks, I use a soft sponge. Just dab a bit of paint on the sponge and apply it on the knob. You might have to apply 3 or more coats of paint to the knobs. When dry, consider using a "Top Coat" of sealant. This will give the knob a "Shine" and prevent the knob from getting dirty by handling them.


When the knobs are dried, it's time to install them on the Slide Assembly's Push/Pull Rod. First determine the length you need. This this might vary depending on your Throttle Design. If you plan on mounting the Slide Controls on the Optional Faceplate, then mount this faceplate on your instrument panel, the length of the rods can be about 4.5 inches. Carefully measure this TOTAL ROD LENGTH and cut off the excess material with a hack saw or other cutting device you might have on hand.

With the 3 Slide Assemblies cut to the proper size, you can now press-on the three painted knobs onto the proper assembly. For a Cesna Skyhawk the sequence of knobs should be (from Left to Right) : BLACK (Throttle) - RED (Fuel Mixture). For a Skylane Panel, the sequence is: BLACK (Throttle) - BLUE (Prop Pitch) - RED (Fuel Mixture).

If you find that the holes drilled into the knobs are just a bit too large, you can but a small amount of glue inside the knob's hole using a "Glue Gun". Then quickly, insert the knob onto the plastic rod.

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CESSNA Throttle Slide Assembly

for Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2000, FS2002, FS2004,
FS X PLUS and X-Plane!

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Cessna THROTTLE Controls MODEL #1090