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THE 1010 IS BACK but with a new look and less expensive! We redesigned the 1010 and came up with the 2100. The 2100 makes use of a 5 position Rotary  in place of the Keyswitch. Using a less expensive component means we can lower the price! The 2100 has the same FULL TOGGLE SWITCH Operation
to our MOST Popular Cessna Panel.
Now you have toggle switch access to your Panel Lights, Landing Lights, Strobe, Beacon & Pitot Heat ect. with the 2100
Cessna Avionics
Panel 2100B
Fuel Selector Panel
The Model 2390 Fuel Selector Panel is an Easy to install and Program flight necessity. Fashioned from a late model Cessna 172, the 2390 allows the selection of fuel flow from the left, right and from Both Tanks with the flip of the Large Military black Pointer Knob. Emergency Fuel Cut-off Knob also included
Now the Reality of including a Garmin Style GPS to your flight deck is now within your Reach with our Model 2450. The 2450 contains a High Resolution 620x480 screen built-in. You can easily undock your GPS graphics screen from FS2004 or FSX and move it into the 2450. Reality XP is a great program for the 2450. Check it Today
GPS Switch Panel
with Hi-Res Monitor
Designed to be mounted inside your home-made aircraft's panel or GoFlight's Avionics Rack
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SUPER Rotary Encoder FSX/X-Plane Cessna Panel USB Digital Switch 2040
Avionics Panel 2100 FLAPS Control Panel Avionics Switch 1020
Helicopter Controller Single Pulse Generator Rotary Encoder Array Panel
Dual NAV/COM Radio Panel USB Elevator Trim Wheel Rotary Encoder 2095A
Landing Gear Panel USB Light Controller Module Fuel Tank Select Switch