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SUPER Rotary Encoder Board
Model 2090

SUPER Rotary Encoder Board
Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2000, FS2002, FS2004 & X-Plane
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Comes with one Connector Packet

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Easily Add:

Up to 6 Rotary Encoders (Change Autopilot Settings)

8 Ten-Bit Analog Inputs (Build a Throttle Quadrant)

Using 1 USB Port!
The 2090 uses the BU0836 Rotary Encoder Chip.

With the 2090 and a little Help from Desktop Aviator you can create the most Advanced
Aircraft Avionics Panel you can imagine.
NOTE: To use the SUPER Rotary Encoder Board to its Full Potential, the Licensed
version of FSUIPC is Highly Recommended.

FSUIPC is Available for FS2002, FS2004 and FS X

For Complete Installation Instructions, Please Click HERE

We also include instructions for building your own NAV/COM RADIO!

For the Experienced Electronics Buff, the 2090 can also be wired for a maximum of 16 Rotary Encoders or 32 Digital Switches in Addition to the 8 Analog Axis' using the Advanced Construction Techniques seen HERE (Installation Instructions).

If wiring an X/Y Matrix is too involved for your electronic experiance, we now have
the 2090A Board. The required X/Y Matrix for the use of 16 Rotary Encoder
Switches is already incorporated onto the circuit board.

With a few Rotary Switches, Slide Assemblies and Switches, you can:
And that is only the Beginning!

Design and Build your own Rudder Pedals; Throttle Quadrant and MORE!

Make you Own MULTI-TURN Elevator Trim Wheel and Rudder Trim with the 2090

To make the interfacing of your Rotary Switches, Slide Controls and Push Buttons as painless as possible, we also have available the 3 and 6 pin Female Connectors. These connectors are now supplied with your purchase. Extra Connectors can be purchased below. Or at our FS Parts Page located at:

Just solder the wires from your switches to the connectors and place them on the
.1 inch spaced Male Headers on the Encoder Board. What could be easier?
For the proper operation on the Encoder Board, you need to Download the Encoder Utility Program. This program allows you to adjust "Pulse Timing" and "Pluse Width" on each of the 6 Available Rotary Switches on the 2090 Board. The program will also allow you to connect a number of Rotary Encoder Boards to the USB Port of same computer while
allowing you to keep track on timing pusles on each and every Rotary Switch available on your system. This is accomplished by the unique Serial Number programmed into each 2090 Board. Add up to ten 2090 Boards to your Computer's USB Port. More can be added but it is advised that a Power USB Hub be used to prevent a current drain on your computer

To the left is a photo of the Encoder Utility Program showing suggested settings for the first six Rotary Switches.

Please note that the Utility Program shows 16 available Rotary Switches, these aditional settings are for future expansion and is not available on the
2090 Board.

  Download the FREE Software HERE
By purchasing a Heavy-Duty Rotary Encoder switch with a 1/4 inch diameter shaft, you have the makings of a Multi-Turn Trim Wheel found on all Commercial Airliners for half the cost of thoses found on the web!
Make your own Commercial grade Airline Trim Wheel with our Model 2090 Rotary Encoder Board.
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Come Check-Out our NEW Model 1010 Avionics Panel for X-Plane & FSX Aviators!
Also Compatible
with MS2002,
MS2004 and FSUIPC!
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Avionics Panel 2100   GPS Switch Panel
  Single Pulse Generator Rotary Encoder Array Panel
Switch Panel Array USB Elevator Trim Wheel Rotary Encoder 2095A
USB to 31 Button Interface USB Light Controller Module Fuel Select Switch
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With the purchase of our 2090 SUPER
Rotary Encoder Board, you will also
receive Seven 2 x 3-pin connectors.

If you wish to purchase a number of
spare connectors, please goto
our Parts page.