"Sweet 16" Rotary Encoder
Model 2095A

"Sweet 16" Rotary Encoder Board
Board Measures: 4.00 inches by 2.25 inches

Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2000, FS2002, FS2004 & X-Plane
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$67.00 Plus Shipping/Handling

Comes with one Connector Packet

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The 2095A uses the BU0836 Rotary Encoder Chip.

With the 2095A and a little Help from Desktop Aviator you can create the most Advanced
Aircraft Avionics Panel you can imagine.
Dramatically Increase the realism of your flight sim panel by adding 16 Rotary Encoder Switches. Easily change the Frequescies on your NAV/COM Radio at a turn of a knob; Adjust your Altimiter setting with pinpoint accuracy; Adjust your DME frequencies in an instant. No more is the need to fumble with aiming and clicking your mouse to make necessary in-flight instrument corrections. Do it the way seasoned pilots have been doing it for years; turn knobs, not clicking on a mouse!

You can EASILY Add up to 16 Rotary Encoder Switches to the 2095A Module, just by soldering 3 wires to the supplied 3-pin Female Connectors; then plugging them into the 2095A Board at the needed location.

Easily Interface up to 16 Rotary Encoder Switches to your FS2002, FS2004, FSX and even your X-Plane Flight Deck using our Model 2095A Encoder Module

FSUIPC Compatible!

Completely Assembled/Tested
* Just Plug Interface into USB Port
* Just "Plug" Switches into Board
* Add up to 16 Encoder Switches
* Use FS 'Settings' to Assign Functions
* Uses Standard USB Connector
* NOTE: Encoder Switches Not Included
* Works with All FSUIPC Digital Functions
* Use FS 'Settings' to Assign Functions

* NO External Power Required
* Easy Programming Instructions
* With Eight 10-Bit Analog Inputs
To connect the Rotary Switches to the 2095A, all you need do it to solder 3 wires from the switch to one of the 3 pin female connectors provided with your purchase.

The length of these wires can be up to 15 inches long. Any longer, you run the risk of introducing noise into the board.

Using the schematic to the left, you can wire up to 6 Rotary Switches in this manner. The two additional terminals on the Rotary Switch are the contacts connected to a normally open spring return switch. These two contacts can be wired to the Digital Switch Matrix (see below) so when the Rotary Switch is PUSHED, the internal switch is closed for as long as you keep pressure on the shaft. This switch closure can then be programmed using FSUIPC to preform a needed function for your Avionics Panel. The 2095A Board is alsom compatible with our NEW Dual Rotary Encoder Switch (See Below).

Not all Rotary Switches come with a n/o switch but the switches we are making available to you have this unique feature.
Have less then 16 Switches? You can program all unused encoder inputs to be used with Push Button Spring Return Switches. Then switches can then be assigned any number of Flight Sim functions.
The 2095A Module was designed for easy programming of all 16 Encoder Switches, using the Free Utility software. Each and every encoder can be adjusted for optinum performance on your computer. The Utility software allows you to adjust each encoders "Pulse Ratio" and "Pulse Width". This allows the 2095A to be used on all computers. Whether you have an older slow computer or one with dual core processing; you can adjust the 2095A output to deliver the needed performance. Then once programmed, these settings remain inside the board's non-volatile memory, until changed by you.

The free Utility Software can be Downloaded HERE

U.S. & Canadian Orders ONLY PLEASE! (For International - See Below)
Installation Instructions HERE
Sweet 16 Rotary

NEW! Dual Rotary Encoder Switches w/ Knobs
Now Available at Desktop Aviator; The mini- Dual Rotary Encoder Switch with Concentric Knobs and Mounting Circuit Board. The  perfect solution for building that Garmin GPS panel or other flight panels requiring Dual Encoders. Compatible with our Model 2090 and 2095A Rotary Encoder Boards.

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Compatible with our Model 2090 & 2095A Boards
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