Thank you for your purchase of our Model 2710A/B Landing Gear Panel for use with X-Plane version 10.2 or Greater.
With the help of Arduino's Teensy 2.0 circuit board, the 2710 Actually READs the Status of the Landing Gear and displays the results on 3 RED and 3 GREEN LEDs.

NOTE: The 2710A makes use of the more expensive Beechcraft Landing Gear Knob and Military Style Locking toggle switch. The 2710B uses the less expensive Toggle Switch. Although different is styling, both panels are installed the same.

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Installing the
2710A/B Landing Gear Panel
The Model 2710A/B Landing Gear Panel was designed using the Power of the Arduino Teensy 2.0 circuit board. So to get the Landing Geasr Panel to be "seen" by your copy of X-Plane 10,2 and above, you need to download the free Driver software.

To Download the .zip package, click HERE

You will then be asked where to save the file. To this you indicate the appropriate location then click OK. Unzipping the file is now needed. When unzipped, you will see the following:
TeensyControls, click on this file to show the sub-files of 32 64.
That's all that is needed to get the Panel working. We now need to take the entire TeensyControls folder and more it to the Resouces/plugins folder
Using the 2710 Landing Gear Panel
With the Teensy driver now residing in the plugins folder. All you need do now is to plug the Landing Gear Panel into an unused USB Port on the back of your computer or a Powered USB Hub. Then wait a few seconds so that the computer can load the Teensy drivers. When complete, it's now time to load and run your X-Plane software.

With X-Plane loading, you have the option to tell the software which aircraft you want installed; to test out the Panel, choose an aircraft with retractable
landing Gears. We'll use a LEAR jet.

With the sample LEAR aircraft loaded, make sure that the Landing Gear Lever is
DOWN (all GREEN LEDs ON). Now take off and when at a safe altitute; about 500 feet, then flip the Landing Gear Panel's lever UP. Now notice in the upper right hand corner on the monitor, the on screen LG lever moves UP and the on screen lights will be in sync with the LEDs on the 2710 Panel. A typical Landing Gear sequence can be seen below.

Installation Instructions
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You should see something like this ===>
On Screen Landing Gear Lever Handle
Landing Gear Status Lights
3 RED 3 GREEN. On the ground,
3 GREEN should be showing
Sample LEAR Jet cockpit
Landing Gear Sequence from Gear Retracted to Gear Extended
Now with the Landing Gear safely retracter; flip the LG lever to the DOWN position and notice the 2710 Panel and the on screen lights sync with the Gear Extension
With this test complete and working, you are now able to load any aircraft into your X-Plane software that has Reteactable Landing Gears; this also included the 747, 777, 787, Air Bus A380 and all other commercial aircraft.

By the way, we also included a
Push to Test button. This button, when pressed, allows you to light all LEDs to verify that your are working