Thank you for your purchase of our Cessna Model 2850/55 Switch Panel.
The Models 2850 and the 2855 are compitable with X-Planec 11.xx.

Below are the Tables that contain the Switch settings that need to be configured using your Flight Simulator software. It is assumed that a knowledge of SETTING the Flight Functions in X-Plane 11.xx are already known, so the instructions on Basic programming will not be covered here.
So with that in mind, Happy Flying

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Programming the
Model 2850/2855 Cessna  Panels
Before programming the switches, plug the Panel into an unused USB Port and allow your computer to automatically install the needed Driver Software. All DTA circuit boards and panels are designed as HID Joystick inputs, so as to make the boards and panels compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.

With the Panel's Driver software installed, you can now RUN your copy of X-Plane 11.xx and configure the switches as indicated below.

Installation Instructions

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Key Switch OFF magnetos Magnetos OFF
Key Switch RIGHT   Magnetos right for engine #1
Key Switch LEFT   Magnetos left for engine #1
Key Switch BOTH   Magnetos both for engine #1
Key Switch START starters Engage starter #1
MASTER ALT electrical Generators all Toggle
MASTER BAT   Batteries all Toggle
FUEL PUMP fuel Fuel pumps Toggle
BCN lights Beacon lights Toggle
LANDING   Landing lights Toggle
TAXI   Taxi lights toggle
NAV   Nav lights toggle
STROBE   Strobe lights toggle
PITOT HEAT ON (up) ice Anti-ice LEFT pitot heat ON
PITOT HEAT OFF (dwn)   Anti-ice LEFT pitot heat OFF
MASTER AVIONICS Bus1 systems Avionics toggle
Panel Key/Toggle Switch
X-Plane Assignment
The switch configuration for the Model 2855IRS is the same as the 2850. The Rocker switches will light each time the switch is flipped into the ON position.

With the Panel now programmed for X-Plane Flight Functions, load and run one of the many aircraft available. Test all switches and key switch positions for the correct operation.

With the programming complete, you can now load and run X-Plane using the newest version of DTA Cessna Switch Panel.
Happy Flying!
Programming the  Cessna Panel
  MASTER AVIONICS Bus2 system   Cross-tie bus toggle
As you may have noticed, the  switch settings is the same as for other compatable DTA Cessna Panels. Now for the configuration of the Bus2 switch
More Instructions to follow in the coming days

Bobby B.