Easily & Inexpensively convert all types of SPDT or DPDT (with Center Off position) into the more Expensive 3-Way (AKA DP3T) switches.
Compatible with Prepar3D, FSX, FSUIPC4 and X-Plane
Completely Assembled/Tested
* NEW! For 2015
* Converts SPDT & DPDT Switches into DP3T
* Supports Inexpensive Toggle & Rocker Sw.
* Supports up to 10 Switches
* Compatible with Prepar3D, FSX, FSUIPC, 
   FSUIPC4 & X-Plane
* Uses Standard Series "B" USB Connector
* Uses our 3-pin Extension Cables
* Requires Switches w/Center OFF Position
* TRUE TO LIFE Operation for ALL your 3-Way
   Flight Function Requirements
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DP3T Toggle Switch Emulator
Converts the output of a Standard SPDT or DPDT Toggle or Rocker Switch into the More Expensive 3-Way (DP3T)

Many types of Aircraft have instrumentation that requires a 3 position Toggle or Rocker Switch. But for the Flight Simmer, the prices for a DP3T switch can run about $15.00usd each plus shipping. With twenty of more flight functions requiring a 3-way, this can run into quite a bit of money. So for that added sense of Realism, the Model 2630 is that perfect addition to any flight deck of your favorite General Aviation Aircraft. If your interests lie with Cessna, Mooney, Piper or Beechcraft, this inexpensive circuit board converts up to 10 Toggle or Rocker Switches into the more expensive DP3T switches. Supporting standard SPDT or DPDT switches with a Center OFF position, these $2.00 switches can easily be programmed to control all your flight systems.

DP3T Emulator Model 2630
Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004, FSX, FSUIPC, Prepar3D & X-Plane
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DP3T (3-Way) Converter Board


This Animation clearly shows the constant ON usb output created by the 2630 board. The animation shows only 20 outputs but the 2630 is programmed to show the full 30 outputs. The 2630 supports up to 10 Switches, so three output buttons for each toggle switch.

Each USB output is independent of each other, so flipping the switch for one function will not effect a function programmed onto another switch.
Optional Components that can be found on our PARTS Page
3-Pin Extension Cables in 12 and 20 inch lengths
Double Pole Double Throw Center OFF Toggle Switch
Series "B" USB Cable
SUPER Rotary Encoder FSX/X-Plane Avionics Panel USB Digital Switch 2040
Avionics Panel 2100 FLAPS Controller Panel GPS Switch Panel
Helicopter Controller Single Pulse Generator Rotary Encoder Array Panel
Switch Panel Array   Rotary Encoder 2095A
USB to 31 Button Interface USB Light Controller Module Fuel Select Switch
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