Just recently, Laminar Research introduced the newest version of X-Plane, the Series 10.xx. The 10.xx now allows the "TOGGLE" command for many flight functions not previously supported. This release now allows many of DTA's Circuit Boards and Panels to be compatible with X-Plane; whereas before, there was limited compatibility. Not only does Laminar support the "TOGGLE" setting, they improved their 430 GNS Panel. Earlier versions displayed the 430 settings so small it was very hard to see, let along make the appropriate frequency changes. Version 10.xx (and now X-Plane 11.xx) has changed that. X-Plane now allows; with a click of a button, a very large and easily readable 430 Panel to be displayed. But there is still a problem, adjusting Frequencies and selecting Pages, still require Keyboard or Mouse click inputs. Not a very aviation friendly adjustment. But not until now!

Introducing the the Model 2670B, a GNS panel that includes all necesary buttons as well as
Two Dual Rotary Encoder Switches. Lets bring back the Realism of GNS flying with button presses and encoder knob setting of all needed Frequency changes, Freq Swaping, GPS Menu, Page Changes ect. And best of all, all needed GNS settings are supported by X-Plane's Advanced: Button Setting Folders
Please note: The 2670B does not contain an LED or LCD Video Monitor. The GNS Graphic is Silk Screened
on the faceplate
for added realism.

Want to compliment your X-Plane set-up? The 2670B is the Panel for you.
* NEW! 430 GNS Switch Panel (no Monitor) Model 2670B
* Designed Around all aircraft supported by X-Plane software
* No Driver programs required
* Compatible with X-Plane 10.xx & 11.xx Flight Sim software
* Uses Standard Series "B" USB Connector
* Allows GNS Adjustments using 2 Dual Rotary Encoder
* All GNS functions can be found inside ADV: Button Folders
* No other software required for operation.
* Flush Mounted to your Flight Deck or GoFlight Panel Rack
* USB Cable Included
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The 2670B Switch Panel Measures 7.25 inches by 4.0 inches with 4 mounting Holes.

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Updated 4-15-2016

Completely Assembled/Tested
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430 GNS Switch Panel
Model 2670B - for X-Plane 10.xx, 11.xx
From This....
The 2670B is compatible with the Optional GoFlight Panel Racks; GF-Mini or
the GF-AC-Rack
Installation and Programming Instructions can be found HERE:
This Panel DOES NOT contain an LED/LCD Monitor
Shown w/optional GoFlight Cabinet
Compatible with  X-Plane v10.xx , v11.xx
Addium 7-12-2017
We now Include a Utility Program to configure the 2670 Panel for the best possible operation.

With the 2670 plugged into an unused USB Port, run the Utility program. You will see the window presented to the left.

Just by clicking on the Pulse Width window, you are able to select the pulse output from 30m sec to 120msec.

Select the width for the best performance.

You can download the Config software HERE:
Free Config Download
The 2670B Panel can also be mounted inside this Hammond Plastic Case.
It measures: 2.95x8.47x5.2" Black

Specs Can be downloaded HERE

Available from Mouser Electronics

NOW Compatible with Mindstar GNS 430/530
Rear View
LARGE Yellow Push Buttons
w/2 Dual Encoder Switches
Sorry, we are unable to accept the return of the Classic Model 2670 for the 2670B
...To This with X-Plane software
and the Model 2670B Panel
Shown with Optional GoFlight Cabinet
* Not compatible with a customer added LED or LCD Screen.
Rectangular cutout of housing faceplate required for 430 installation
Check out the 430 GNS PilotEdge Forum at:
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