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POWERED By Arduino - Teensy 2.0 Board

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Landing Gear Panel Measures 7.25 inches by 2.0 inches with 2 mounting Holes.
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Completely Assembled/Tested
Model 2710 - Includes the Super HIGH Quality Beechcraft Style Gear Lever Knob and Standard Toggle Switch
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Landing Gear Panel w/Beechcraft Knob
* NEW! Landing Gear Panel Model 2710
* Designed Around Beechcraft, Mooney, Cessna or any aircraft with
  Retractable Landing Gear
* Compatible with X-Plane 10.2 and newer!
* Uses Standard Series "B" USB Connector
* Actually READS the Gear Status by lighting 3 GREEN and 3 RED LEDs.
* Flush Mounted to your Flight Deck or GoFlight Panel Rack
* With Beechcraft Style Landing Gear Lever Knob with Toggle Switch.
* Also included is a "Push to TEST" button to illuminate all 6 LED Lights.
The 2710 Actually READS the Landing Gear Status & lights the appropriate LED Indicator.
Landing Gear Panel
Model 2710
X-Plane 10 & 11
Sorry, not compatible with FSX
Landing Gear Panel
Model 2710 Exclusively for X-Plane Flight Simulators
Arduino Teensy 2.0 + DTA =  One HECK of a REALISTIC Landing Gear Panel
for X-Plane
Click HERE for Easy Installation Instructions
Easily Install your very Own Landing Gear Panel to your copy of X-Plane (32 & 64 bit, X-Plane v10.xx & v11.xx) Flight Simulator.
The 2710 Actually READs the Landing Gear Status from X-Plane and display the results on 3 RED and 3 GREEN LED indicators. For operation, all you need do is to copy a small Arduino program into X-Plane's
Resources/plugin/ folder. That's it!

To the left is the Landing Gear and our Model 2660 NAV/COM Radio mounted in the GoFlight Panel Rack. All available separately.