Every so-often, a customer writes us with a problem using his/hers VISTA computer, displaying the dreaded "USB Device not Recognized".

Over many months, I compiled emails from VISTA Forums and customers on how to combat this USB Failure. So, take a few moments and read the following and visit some of the forums suggested and you too can probably correct the problem on your own.

Bobby B.



I tried a few different things, and Vista finally decided to recognize the unit. I'm not sure exactly why it started working again, but it may be that the original USB setup for that particular device got corrupted. I chose to browse for an updated driver in the "windows/inf" directory, which may have fixed it. The thread that suggested that can be found here:


Specifically, I was looking at this sentence:

"You can point the driver updater to C:\windows\inf\ or even C:\windows\system32\DriverStore (that may not be exactly right, but you can find it somewhere nearby)."

Once again, I'm not sure if that's what ended up fixing it, but it is at least working now.


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Hi Michael,

I found a few forum postings that seem like then can help you. Please
let me know what happens.

All these guys have USB problems with their VISTA computers; see, you're
not the only one out there. You have plenty of company.


Posting #1:

I just got a new e-machines T5224 with vista home premium . Pluged in a 2GB flash drive to run readyboost. The drive would disapear. Called tech and they said that vista turns off USB when it goes to sleep. The fix is to go to power management click on advanced and click on USB . It will probably say disable , click enable and close . I did this and have not had a
problem. If this works for you too let me know ?


Posting #2:

I read this solution that seems to have worked for me...

    click on manual specify location and point it to c:\windows\system32 and check the
'search subfolders' checkbox.

    Seems to be a Vista bug...

I had to repeat this 3 times.
Once for Disk Drive,
Once for Generic Volume,
Once for Microsoft WPD Filesystem Volume Driver

I had to do this for each thumb drive I own.


Posting #3

Re: USB Drive Problems with Vista
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I still get problems with installing new USB devices, despite removing the Netgear software (see my posting earlier in this thread). Most recently it was a WD Passport USB hard drive. Said it couldnt find drivers etc (despite the packaging proudly stating that the device "Works with Vista"). It took several attempts for it to find the necessary drivers, and in the end I told
the computer to search from C:\ where it (eventually) found the driver.

Maybe Vista SP1 will resolve these issues

Only time will tell.


Other Postings can be found at:


Hope this helps.
Let me know what you find.

Steve S.


Subject: Avionics Panel Model 1010 - "USB Device not Recognized"

Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 12:13:49 -0400


I own one of your Cessna Avionics Model 1010 panels. About a week ago, I noticed that when I'd start up FSX, the program was not recognizing the unit. However, if I unplugged and immediately plugged back in the USB cable for the unit, the unit worked fine. Starting last night that "workaround" appears to have stopped working. I've tried plugging the unit directly into the computers USB port (previously, I'd had it connected using one of my many USB hubs), and I've also tried plugging it into several of the other hubs, but Vista consistently presents me with the message "USB Device not Recognized" every time I try to connect it to the computer. I
have not tightened or applied a large amount of force to the USB cable or connector in any way. As well, there is no longer a "USB Joystick" entry showing up in the "Game Controllers" section of Vista's Control Panel.

Have you had any previous experience of one of these units failing in such a matter? If so, is there some sort of software workaround available to fix it? Or failing that, is there some obvious wiring area within the unit that could be the culprit, such as something akin to a fuse, or perhaps
where the cable wiring connects to the circuitry, etc. I just don't want to go poking around inside the unit if I don't have to!


If the above suggestions did not help; try going to these two links. They believe that the VISTA Problems occur because of a current drain on the computer's USB port. Have a look at these webpages. It just might fix your problem.