Easily & Inexpensively convert all types of SPDT, DPDT Rocker Switches, Rotary Encoder Switches into a Keyboard output via the USB using characters YOU select using the Free Utility Software
Completely Assembled/Tested
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KBD02- Keyboard Emulator
Converts Rotary Encoders, Toggle switches, Push Buttons ect into User configurable Keyboard USB outputs

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A Quality Product from Germany
* NEW! For 2016
* Requires 1 USB Port (2.0) for PC
* 16 Uniform Input Channels
* Each Channel accepts 1 Encoder plus
   Pushbuttons or 3 Switches
* 16 Outputs for Status LEDs or General
   Purpose I/O
* Supplied with 42  2-pin Connectors
* Automatic dection as a keyboard, no drivers needed
* Switching events sends ketstrokes to the connected PC
* Keystrokes are freely selectable and modifiable with Ctl, Shft, Alt
* Different keystrokes for ON and OFF (switches) as well as Right and Left (encoders)
* Encoder and Push Button inputs are usable for switches also
* Push Buttons can double encoder function
* LED indicator for encoder finctions
* Adjustable duration and break of keystrokes
* Dimensions 86mm x 46mm
Although primarily intended for Flight Simulator software, the keyboard emulator is perfectly suited for all programs that use keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys). For example CAD, graphics, video editing, office suites and many others. Your own keypads can also be easily incorporated.

Keystrokes are accepted FASTER by the PC than joystick buttons. Therefore, there are no problems with a quick turn of a rotary Encoder Switch. For example, setting up radios or the autopilot in flight simulators.

The board has a dynamic keystroke output. It ensures that when turning an encoder knob too fast the missing keystrokes will ne sent even after stopping the rotary motion. If this is undesirable, the keys are output in a constant sequence as long as the encoder is turned.

The push-button on the encoder can be used to enable an alternative pair of keystrokes so that the function of the encoder is doubled. This condition is indicated by the LEDs. The push-button input can also be used independently for another switch, expanding the board to 24 switches max.

The board can be expanded by means of a serial bus (I2C). This might be additional switches or digital displays.

All of the settings of the keyboard emulator will be carried out comfortably on a PC program.

An example for using the KBD02 with a flight sim function is with the
REALITY XP GPS software. Reality XP requires keyboard inputs to select and change GPS settings and functions. While using FSUIPC for this purpose, it is a time consuming and a fustrating job. With the KBD02, programming is a snap!

Have a Question or Problem running the KBD02 Board, you can write directly
For a personal 1-on-1 conversations with Mr. Mahr, the designer of the KBD02. You can contact him at:


English or German language preferred
Additional Features

GREAT! for use with REALITY XP's GPS Panel Software

KBD02 Keyboard Emulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004, FSX, FSUIPC, Prepar3D & X-Plane
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KBD02 Configuration Utility Software

Optional Components that can be found on our PARTS Page
3-Pin Extension Cables in 12 and 20 inch lengths
Double Pole Double Throw Center OFF Toggle Switch
Series "B" USB Cable
Dual Rotary Encoder Switch
Single Rotary Encoder Switch
Mech. Rotary Switch

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