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Assorted Parts to Complete your Flight Deck
Cessna Style Switch Panel Now with Bus1 & Bus 2 Support
Updated  03-30-2024
The Model 2855 Cessna Panel. Now 1 Panel Supports FSX, 
X-Plane and MS2020. Click HERE to Check out the 2855 Panel

2535 FLAPs Controller Panel
Now w/Cessna Style Knob
3D Printed PARTS for your Flight Sim Cockpit


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OK, I know it happened to all of you SAITEK owners, You went to install a panel using SAITEK's "C" Clamp adapter and find that the round snap-on piece for the screw is missing. Can't find it anywhere. It's Lost Forever! Well, not exactly; Desktop Aviator has a 3D Printed replacement for the "Thing-a-ma-Gig", just clip-in on the round end piece of the plastic screw and you're back in business. By the way, we also put a piece of felt to prevent marring your furnature.

ADDIUM: We now use a much stronger 3D Printer filament on this item, it's called Carbon Fiber Plastic
3D Printed Replacement "Thing-a-ma-Gig"
for the SAITEK Screw-on Clamp
Here we have a 3D Printed Replacement for the SAITEK "C" Clamp Screw. Compatible with all SAITEK panels that require Table Top mounting (Yoke, Throttle Quadrant ect).

The SCREW is also compatible with the
"Thing-a-ma-Gig"  adapter seen above (sold separately)
3D Printed SAITEK "C" Clamp
Screw Replacement

Top sold separately

$3.50 each
For thoses needing a Push Pull switch to control a Flight function, we have a 3D Printed RED knob that is compatible with the switch seen above. Using the switch and any of our Interface boards (2120, 2160 ect) you can easily build your own controller.

Measures: 25mm by 8mm.
Available in RED Only
RED Knob for Push/Pull Switch
3D Printed Knob for Push/Pull Switch
The knob has no Thread.
Uses an M4-4 set screw
Push/Pull Switch sold separately. See Above
  3-Pin Female Connectors

These are the 3 pin connectors used with our Model 2090 SUPER Rotary Encoder Board. It's nice to have some extra pieces on-hand.
$3.85 Bag of 10pcs
The 3-pin Connectors sold in a Bag of 10 pcs.  Connectors have a .10m in centers

Standard USB Cables for use with all of DTA's Circuit Boards and Panels.
Series "A" male connector on one end and a Series "B" male on the other. Black in color.
Series "B" USB
Cable M to M
6 Foot USB Cable
$2.25 each
We have a number of quality momentary Rectangular Push Button Switches. Measuring: 26mm high by 14mm wide. It can be mounted in a 13mm x 11mm hole.
$0.35 each
Push Button Switch (MOM)
Same as above except with YELLOW Top
DPDT BLACK Rocker Switch
BLACK Body with a BLACK Rocker DPDT snap-in rocker switch mounts in a 19.4mm by 13.4mm hole in your panel. Contacts rated 15Amp at 125VAC or 10Amp at 250VAC.
     Sold in packages of 2
$1.50 Package
BK-008     50 Switches in stock
Replacement Knob for our FLAPs Controller (Model 2535)
$3.95 each
Now available is a Replacment Knob for the FLAPs Controller. It is 3D Printed using high quality PLA Filament. It is attached to the Lever Switch using a 8mm long set screw. Just slide the knob onto the flat shaft of the lever switch and tighten the set screw (do not over tighten)

The Knob is a 3D Printed item; Color Bone/White
(aka light tan) with an all in-one construction for added durability.
The Knob itself measures 1.26in in hight x .46in diameter at base.
New Lower Price!
Save $3.00
  2-Pin Female Connectors

These are the 2 pin connectors used with our Model 2120, 2160, 2040 USB/20 Button Pulse Generator Boards. It's nice to have some extra pieces on-hand.
$3.15 Bag of 10pcs
The 2-pin Connectors sold in a Bag of 10 pcs.  Connectors have a .10m in centers
We have aquired a number of Push/Pull Switches with a 50K ohm potentiometer attached. If you don't mind the pot, you can use the switch for any flight sim function using a Push/Pull switch. With a 1/4in flutted shaft. DPDT on-on
Push/Pull Switch
A GREAT switch to make your own Parking Brake, a Fuel Emergency Cutoff or even a Fire Extinguisher for thoses annoying but occassional engine fires.
Single Rocker Switch for your Aircraft Panel
We have also acquired the switch seen to the left but as a single Switch. These switches are used on our Model 2820 Cessna Panel. The switch is a SPST. It measures 30.5mm by 10mm.
$1.25 each
Check-out our NEW
Parking Brake Panel. Now
with LED Indicator light
2980 Parking Brake Panel
Model 3010 Trim Wheel - designed exclusively for MS2020
For those using MS2020, our digital trim wheel did not preform as expected. We have found a solution using  SimConnect code. With this code added to your copy of MS2020, the Trim Wheels works perfectly.

   The 3010 can be found HERE (bottom of the page)
Dual Rocker Switch for your Aircraft Panel
You Asked for It! We Have It!
A Dual Rocker Switch just like the ones used on the Cessna Panel to control the Battery and Alternator. This is a very high Quality Dual Rocker with SPST contacts on Both Switches. GREAT for other Aircraft Panel as well.
$3.00 each
These are very high quality Single-pole-double-throw mini-toggle switches (SPDT).
They are compatible with all DTA circuit boards.
These are the switches we use on all variations of our Popular Cessna Switch Panels (2855 ect.)
This is the toggle switch used on all of our Cessna Switch Panels
$1.95 each
Mini-SPDT Toggle Switch
Mini Cessna Sw
$3.95 2 Knob Set
Here we have the hard-to-find Dual Rotary Encoder Knobs made using 3D printer technology. Designed to be used with the EC11EBB24C03 encoder, both knobs are pressed fit onto the dual shaft of the encoder.

No set screws are needed.

Both knobs are Bone/White (aka light tan) in color
and are made using PLA grade plastic filament.

Bottom Knob - 20mm in diameter by 11mm high
Upper Knob - 12.6mm diameter by 14mm high

Dual Rotary Encoder Knobs
for EC11EBB24C03 (switch not included)
Knobs Designed for
EC11EBB24C03 encoder switch Specs & pricing can be found HERE
NetGear Lightly Used Router WNR2000
$9.95 each
Check them out at: Model 3010
Digital Trim Wheel Panels
Now Compatible with MS2020 using Sim-Connect Code
Plastic Faceplates
They're BACK!
Use these NEW Plastic Faceplates to mount your Push Buttons, Toggle, Rocker Switches when designing and wiring your own Panel. This  Attractive Panel is made of durable Black Plastic that measures 7.75 inches by 2.32 inches.
The Panel is Textured on the front, with a flat finish on its back. Just Drill the required hold size mount your Switches or even the Push-Pull Cessna Slide Assemblies to build your own Throttle Quadrant. All faceplates are NEW without Holes.
$1.85 each
$3.55 each
$19.95 each
Network Hub, Ethernet Splitter, Plug & Play, Fanless Metal Design, Shielded Ports, Traffic Optimization,Navy Blue. 5 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports supporting Auto Negotiation and Auto MDI/MDIX.
Latest innovative energy-efficient technology greatly expands your network capacity with much less power consumption. IEEE 802.3X flow control provides reliable data transfer and Fanless design ensures quiet operation.
TP-Link TL-SG105, 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Users Manual can be seen HERE

Simple and secure way to share your high-speed Internet connection
Push 'N' Connect securely connects at the touch of a button
Wireless-N technology delivers exceptional range and speed
Easy setup with Smart Wizard Installation CD
Push 'N' Connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allows you to add computers to the network quickly and securely
Automatically checks and upgrades to latest software for optimal performance
Internal antennas deliver maximum performance and range
Convenient on / off switch helps save energy when not in use
Energy Star-compliant efficient power supply
Comes with wall Transformer and Ethernet cable.
Here we have a 3D Pointer Knob for a home-made Fuel Select panel. Printed with Red PLA plastic and measuring: 61.5mm length by 21mm width by 19.8mm high

Designed to be used with selector switches using a shaft diameter (round or "D" shaft) of 6.37mm (.25in) with a set screw.

When paired up with out Model 2040 interface board, you have the makings of a truely flight worthy panel.
3D Printed Replacement Fuel Select Pointer Knob
Please Visit our Sponsor
$4.25 each
Here we have a Beechcraft style Landing Gear knob that was used on our Model 2695 LG Panel. It is compatible with the S-AL1 Locking Toggle Switch available from POWELL Electronics.
The switch can be found HERE

Measures: 32.7mm wide by 12.7mm thick by 44.0mm high.
Available in OFF WHITE (aka light tan).

Easily screws onto the handle of the switch
3D Printed Beechcraft Landing Gear Knob for S-1AL Locking Switch
The top of the switch can be unscrewed and the LG Knob screwed on in its place.
Switch available from
POWELL Electronics
$ 2.95 each
LA16 Series Push Button Switch
LED light color:Green Pin number: 5 pin
Contact type: 1NO 1NC(5 pin). Button shape: rectangle
Contact model: Latching
Working voltage: 6V - Perfect for direct power from USB Port.
Material: Silver contact, copper conductor
Hole diameter: 16mm / Height: 40mm  / Button: 18mm x 24mm
LA16 Series Push Button Latching Switch LED light color: Green