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Assorted Parts to Complete your Flight Deck
NOW with Illuminated Rocker Switches
(Master Alt/Bat & Avionics)
Updated  11-15-2019
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The Model 2620 Cessna Panel. Now 1 Panel Supports BOTH FSX &
X-Plane. Click HERE to Check out our Newest Panel

  2-Pin Female Connectors

These are the 2 pin connectors used with our Model 2120, 2160, 2040 USB/20 Button Pulse Generator Boards. It's nice to have some extra pieces on-hand.
$3.15 Bag of 10pcs
The 2-pin Connectors sold in a Bag of 10 pcs.  Connectors have a .10m in centers
  3-Pin Female Connectors

These are the 3 pin connectors used with our Model 2090 SUPER Rotary Encoder Board. It's nice to have some extra pieces on-hand.
$3.85 Bag of 10pcs
The 3-pin Connectors sold in a Bag of 10 pcs.  Connectors have a .10m in centers
For those of you who wish to build their own Flight Sim panels or even circuit boards, we have acquired a number of these A-5W-K relays. These relays can be powered directly from your computer's USB's 5VDC. DPDT.
A GREAT Device for your Flight Simulator Panel or Flightdeck.
Cleck HERE for Data Sheet
$2.95 each
PC Mount sealed automotive relay.
L: 7/8 W: 5/8" H: 15/16" WT: .04
$1.50 each
SPDT 6V to
9VDC Relay
VGA Right Angle Adapter
3.75 each
Reduce the Footprint of the GPS/Monitor Panel.
Instead of having the VGA Cable pointing Down as shown in the illustrations above, insert this Adapter to redirect the Cable to the back, thus eliminating the additional space.
It's easy to use, just insert the Adapter between the VGA Input on the GPS and the VGA Cable runing from your Flight Simulator setup.
2530/2535 FLAPs Controller Panel
Now w/Cessna Style Knob
We have aquired a number of White plastic knobs for use with our 12 position Rotary Switches. These knobs can be mounted on rotary switches with a round .25 inch shaft.
Plastic Knobs
A GREAT knob for your 737, 747, 777 or even Airbus Overhead panels. They measure: Length: 19mm - Diameter: 15mm - Height: 15mm.
Rotary Potentiometer
(Long Shaft)

This is a 100K ohm Rotary Potentiometer with a Linear Taper output just as the pot seen above except is has a 1.32 inch long 1/4in diameter shaft.
$2.85 each
Rotary Potentiometer
Just perfect for building your own Elevator Trim Wheel.

Easily connects to our 2090/2095A Rotary Encoder Boards.
  Extension Cable

Here we have a 15 ft USB Cable, Type A Male to Type A Female Extension Cable. Time to stock-up on these very useful extension cables. Sometimes a 6 ft cable just does not cut-it. You need something longer.
$2.85 each
USB Extension Cable 15ft.
Toggle Switch (SPDT)

Standard Single Pole Double Throw Toggle Switches, Mounts in a 1/2 hole with Solder tabs. Rated 4 Amps @ 125VAC.
Can be used with our Model 2160 Pulse Generator.

SPDT Toggle Switch
Introducing our NEW 2840 Radio Panel with
7-Segment LED Readouts. Easily configure to operate as Com1, Com2, Nav1, Nav2 or Transponder

HERE for details
Radio Panel
   Toggle Switch (SPST)  

Slightly smaller then Standard size Toggle Switches, these too Mount in a 1/2 hole with 4 Solder tabs. Rated 4 Amps @ 125VAC. on-off
$1.50 each
Or 10pcs for $13.00 ($1.30ea)
SPST Toggle Switch
  SPST Toggle Switch

Here we have a SPST Toggle Switch w/GREEN Top. These switches fit in a round cutout measuring 0.75in.and are 1.60in long. They also have a 12VDC internal bulb.
$5.00 Bag of 10pcs
SPST Round Toggle Switch
15 Foot
USB Cable
Round Knob
with Marker
Measures: 15.79mm high by 12.70mm wide for 6.35mm round shaft (.25in).
Another GREAT Addition
to your Flightdeck. This
White Plastic knob fits on
all 1/4inch (.25in) round shaft potentiometers and
our Rotary Switches. Comes with set-screw.
These are very high quality Single-pole-double-throw mini-toggle switches (SPDT).
They are compatible with all DTA circuit boards.
These are the switches we use on all variations of our Popular Cessna Switch Panels (1015, 1019 ect.)
This is the toggle switch used on all of our Cessna Switch Panels
$1.25 each
Mini-SPDT Toggle Switch
Mini Cessna Sw
The 2695 Landing Gear
Panel for FSX/FSUIPC
$1.95 each
Mfg # SSI-LXH072SYD-150
Compare to MOUSER Elec @$2.35 for 1pc
LUMEX - Yellow LED Indicator measures 7.0mm by 2.3mm with a mounting hole measuring 11.0 by 5.3mm
Yellow Defused. External 1/2W resistor needed (330 ohms supplied).
Can be powered directly from the computer's USB 5VDC
Snap-in mounting
Additional specifications can be found HERE

LUMEX Snap-In LED Indicator - Yellow

A NEW Look for our a Push/Pull Style
Cessna Throttle Quardant w/Plastic Cabinet.

Click HERE for details
Push/Pull Style Throttle Quadrant
After a very long absence, the Key Switch is back in stock. This 5 position switch is a MUST for your Cessna, Mooney, Beechcraft or any other aircraft needing a key switch to simulate the 5 positions on a standard Ignition Switch; Off - Mag L - Mag R - BOTH - START
5 Position Key Switch
This a Very High quality item
(High Grade - aluminum body) manufactured by Grayhill.  NOTE: This switch does not have a Spring Return to position 4
Wiring for the Key Switch can be seen HERE
$41.95 each

Standard USB Cables for use with all of DTA's Circuit Boards and Panels.
Series "A" male connector on one end and a Series "B" male on the other. Black in color.
Series "B" USB
Cable M to M
6 Foot USB Cable
$2.25 each
SPDT RED Rocker Switch
BLACK Body with a RED Rocker SPDT snap-in rocker switch mounts in a 0.5" x 0.75" hole in your panel. Contacts rated 15Amp at 125VAC or 10Amp at 250VAC. Sold in packages of 3. $1.00 each
Plastic Faceplates
They're BACK!
Use these NEW Plastic Faceplates to mount your Push Buttons, Toggle, Rocker Switches when designing and wiring your own Panel. This  Attractive Panel is made of durable Black Plastic that measures 7.75 inches by 2.32 inches.
The Panel is Textured on the front, with a flat finish on its back. Just Drill the required hold size mount your Switches or even the Push-Pull Cessna Slide Assemblies to build your own Throttle Quadrant. All faceplates are NEW without Holes.
$1.75 each
Limited Number
in Stock
3-Pin M/F Extension Cable

The perfect way to connect your Rotary Encoder Switches to our 2090 and 2095A Board, effortlessly and inexpensively. Approx 12 inches in length. Can also be used with our 2040, 2120, 2160 Interfaces.
12 inch 3-Pin Extension Cable
RED Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

The perfect add-on light to give that needed indication when a cockpit switch is ON or OFF. Can be easily wired to a SPST or SPDT switch. 5mm Diameter. Click HERE for Wiring Instructions in .PDF
$0.27 each
We also include the needed Series Resistor (330 ohms 1/8 Watt)
Or 10pcs for $2.50 ($0.25ea)
RED LED w/Resistor
25 in Stock

$3.25 each
For thoses who purchases our Model 2395 Fuel Tank Select Panel, we have designed a replacement for the Silver Knob attached to the Fuel Cut-off Push-Pull Switch. For the added realism of having a RED knob indicating an emergency switch, all you need to do is to unscrew the Silver knob and replace it with the RED. An easy upgrade for a more realistic panel.

It measures: 25mm by 8mm.
Available in RED 0nly
Fuel Emergency Cut-off Knob - RED
3D Printed Knob

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Mini Digital Voltmeter
$4.95 each
The perfect and the most inexpensive way to keep track of the USB voltage levels. This Digital (RED LED) Voltage Meter measures DV voltages from 4.5 to 30VDC.
Size: 46mm by 27mm
With LARGE 0.56 inch High RED LED Display
Out of
Need an easier way to connect your Toggle or Push Buttons to our Interface boards? Well, here are 14 inch 2-pin Extension Cables. Just solder the switch to the wire leads and plug in the connector to the Interface board.
What culd be easier?
14 inch 2-Pin Extension Cable
Fully compatible with our Models 2040,2120,2160,2235,2237,2238 ect Interface boards
The knob uses a 10-24 Thread
Come check-out our NEW Cessna Style Elevator Trim Wheel.
The ultimate in flight simulator Realism.

Click HERE for details
Trim Wheel Panel
Even need replacement knobs for your SAITEK Throttle? Ever try to buy them from SAITEK? No Way! They won't sell them to you. So you post your request to a number of flight sim forums hoping that someone will sell you one at a redicilious price?

Well, STOP Searching, Desktop Aviator has design a 3D printed replacement at a very affortable price.

Come check it out by clicking HERE
3D Printed Replacement Knobs for SAITEK
Throttle Quadrant
OK, I know it happened to all of you SAITEK owners, You went to install a panel using SAITEK's "C" Clamp adapter and find that the round snap-on piece for the screw is missing. Can't find it anywhere. It's Lost Forever! Well, not exactly; Desktop Aviator has a 3D Printed replacement for the "Thing-a-ma-Gig", just clip-in on the round end piece of the plastic screw and you're back in business. By the way, we also put a piece of felt to prevent marring your furnature.
3D Printed Replacement "Thing-a-ma-Gig"
for the SAITEK Screw-on Clamp
New to the DTA lineup of Flight Sim Add-ons, we have a 3D Printed Thumb wheel Assembly. When used with our Model 2770  D/A Interface (Analog Input), the Thumb Wheel can be configured as a Rudder, Aileron or even an Elevator Trim Wheel.
Thumb Wheel w/100K Potentiometer
Comes with 3D Printed Wheel (White), 2 mounting Brackets, 3-pin Extension Cable & a 100K Ohm Long Shaft Potentiometer.
Wheel Measures:  2in in Dia by .5in wide
$14.95 each
USB to DB25 Adapter
$19.95 each
UGREEN USB to DB25 Parallel Printer Cable Adapter Male to Female Connector IEEE 1284 Converter for Laptop Desktop PC Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, 6ft
Driver software for older printer required
Out of
Out of
We have aquired a number of Push/Pull Switches with a 50K ohm potentiometer attached. If you don't mind the pot, you can use the switch for any flight sim function using a Push/Pull switch. With a 1/4in flutted shaft. DPDT on-on
Push/Pull Switch
A GREAT switch to make your own Parking Brake, a Fuel Emergency Cutoff or even a Fire Extinguisher for thoses annoying but occassional engine fires.
$3.50 each
Side Potentiometer

This is a
50K ohm Slide Potentiometer with a Linear Taper output. This item is used extensively with homemade Flight Simulator Panels as Push Pull Throttle Quadrants.

$2.50 each
The Slide Pot can be easily connected to our Rotary Encoder Board with just 3 wires. Design your own Throttle or can be used on your instrument panel to perform various functions. The Travel length of the pot is 60mm
Click HERE for wiring information
Here we have a 3D Printed Replacement for the SAITEK "C" Clamp Screw. Compatible with all SAITEK panels that require Table Top mounting (Yoke, Throttle Quadrant ect).

The SCREW is also compatible with the
"Thing-a-ma-Gig"  adapter seen above (sold separately)
3D Printed SAITEK "C" Clamp
Screw Replacement

$3.25 each
For thoses needing a Push Pull switch to control a Flight function, we have a 3D Printed RED knob that is compatible with the switch seen above. Using the switch and any of our Interface boards (2120, 2160 ect) you can easily build your own controller.

Measures: 25mm by 8mm.
Available in RED 0nly

Other colors available on request

We have Black, Light Blue, Silver &
White Filaments in stock
RED Knob for Push/Pull Switch
3D Printed Knob for Push/Pull Switch
The knob has no Thread.
Uses an M4-4 set screw
Push/Pull Switch sold separately. See Above

$3.25 each
Here we have a White Beechcraft style Landing Gear knob. It is compatible with the S-AL1 Locking Toggle Switch available from
POWELL. The switch can be found HERE

Measures: 32.7mm wide by 12.7mm thick by 44.0mm high.
Available in WHITE 0nly

Easily screws onto the handle of the
S-1AL switch
3D Printed Beechcraft Landing Gear Knob for S-1AL Switch
The top of the switch can be unscrewed and the LG Knob screwed on in its place.
Switch available from
POWELL Electronics

Top sold separately
$8.95 each
3D Printed Saitek Throttle Knob - LONG
57.0mm Long x 27.0mm Diameter
37.0mm High
Here we have a Plastic Knob designed to fit two adjacent Saitek Throttle Levers. This allows the control of engine RPM on any Twin Aircraft.

FLAT Black Carbon Fiber Filament
$7.95 each
3D Printed Saitek Throttle Knob - TALL
57.0mm Long x 27.0mm Diameter
59.5mm High
Here we have a Plastic Knob designed to fit the Throttle Lever of the Saitek controller. Its LONGer shaft allows for a wider knob without interfering with the Center lever. This gives you a better "feel" of the control due to its unique design over the smaller knob Saitek sends with the purchase of the Throttle Quadrant.

FLAT Black Carbon Fiber Filament
Click HERE for LARGER Picture & Pinouts
This Adapter will allow easy connection of your 2050 GPS w/Monitor (or any other VGA monitor) to your Multi-Output Video Card. Not to be confused with a DVI; this DVI-I has the additional 2 pins above and 2 pins below a short metal tap.
$5.95 each
Here is another nifty add-on to your flight deck; a Toggle Switch Safety Cover. It is Purple in Color made from Translucent plastic. Fits a standard size Toggle Switch.
$1.25 each
Toggle Switch Safety Cover
3D Printed PARTS for your Flight Sim Cockpit

$3.25 each
3D Printed Carb Heat Knob
32.0mm Diameter 31.4mm High
Here we have a Round Plastic Knob designed to fit our Push/Pull Switch. When using our Model 2770, Model 2120 or 2040 Interface Boards, you can program the switch as your Carb Heat or Anti-Ice Controller or any other flight function you need a round knob.

The knob uses a 4M set screw to attach it to the P/P Switch.

FLAT Black Carbon Fiber Filament
Push/Pull Switch sold separately. See Above
Dual Rocker Switch for your Aircraft Panel
You Asked for It! We Have It!
A Dual Rocker Switch just like the ones used on the Cessna Panel to control the Battery and Alternator. This is a very high Quality Dual Rocker with SPST contacts on Both Switches. GREAT for other Aircraft Panel as well.
$1.25 each