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Quality Flight Simulator Avionics Panels
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X-Plane Landing Gear Panel. The 2710 is a new design utilitizing the Power of the Arduino Teensy 2.0 circuit board. The 2710 READS the actual landing gear data from
X-Plane 10.2 or better and displays the results on the lightning of 3
RED and 3 GREEN LED indicators.
Super Easy Installation. Can be mounted inside a GoFlight Rack.
Model 2710 Landing Gear Panel for
Designed to be mounted inside your home-made aircraft's panel or GoFlight's Panel Rack.
To increase the Realism of our flight sim cockpit, we wanted something other then a Paddle switch with a spring return to control our Flaps. We wanted something to emulate the flaps control lever found on Cessna's 172, Mooney, Beechcraft aircraft with descreet positioning that allows you to set your flaps in incremental settings from Fully Retracted to Fully Extended. The Model 2530 is the results of our efforts. Compatible with FS2002, FS2005, FSX & X-Plane.
The 2530 is a small FLAPs Controller that is flush mounted to your aircraft cockpit. It utilitizes a 4 position Lever Switch that allows its internal computer chip to emulate the positioning of the flaps as seen on many Flight Sim programs.
FLAPs Controller Panel
... control your Flaps from Fully Retracted to Fully Extended in incremental positions.

Now with Cessna Style FLAPs Knob
The Panel Measures: 2.0 inches by 3.4 inches
FLAPs Control Panel

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QUALITY Flight Simulator Avionics Panels
Finally Laminar Research improved the X-Plane experiance by including a large 430 GNS panel pop-up with a touch of a button. No need to squint your eyes to see the Radio Freqs or GPS information on the small Instrument Stack. So with the introduction of X-Plane version 11.xx, we also introduce our Model 2670 GNS Switch panel. The 2670 panel includs all necessary buttons and two Dual Rotary Encoder Switches for changing Nav/Com Radio Freqiencies and GPS settings. Check it out!
Our New Family of Cessna Switch Panels
Check out our Newest Family of Cessna Switch Panels; The Model 2625, Model 1019 and the Model 2670. Each panel is NOW compatible with FSX, Prepar3d and X-Plane (10.x)!
Just imagine, the three major Flight Simulator Software packages are now supported by ONE  Cessna Panel.
Just run the desired flight sim program and your Cessna Panel will work without any compatibility problems.
Includes 2 Keys and USB Cable
Fuel Tank Selector Panel
The Model 2395 Fuel Selector Panel is an Easy to install and Program flight necessity. Fashioned from a late model Cessna 172, the 2395 allows the selection of fuel flow from the left, right and from Both Tanks with the flip of the Large Military black Pointer Knob. Emergency Fuel Cut-off Knob also included
Designed to be mounted inside your home-made aircraft's panel or GoFlight's Avionics Rack
Model 2690 Landing Gear Panel. The 2690 is a new design that simulates the Landing Gear Status by the ramdom lighting of 3 RED and 3 GREEN LEDs.
Supports FSX/FSUIPC, FSX-SE, P3D and X-Plane flight simulators. Available with a Beechcraft style Lever Knob.
Model 2690 Landing Gear Panel for FSX
Designed to be mounted inside your home-made aircraft's panel or GoFlight's Panel Rack.
Trim Wheel Panel
Includes USB Cable
* Designed for use w/Beechcraft, Mooney, Cessna or any 
  Commercial  Aircraft
* Compatible with FSX/FSUIPC, Prepar3d and X-Plane
* Uses Standard Series "B" USB Connector
* Large 4 inch Diameter Plastic Wheel
* Flush Mountes to your Flight Deck or GoFlight Panel Rack
* Also contains programmable Standard Toggle Switches (6)
  & one Rotary Potentiometer that can be configured as
  Rudder Trim, Aileron Trim or Nose Wheel Steering (tiller)
* With 3D Printed Trim Wheel
For X-Plane & FSX/FSUIPC Users
Come check it out
Model 2700
Totally Re-designed, the Model 2400 Parking Brake Module is an Easy to Install Switch Box. Assembled using a Black Plastic Project box with Mounting Flanges, the 2400 can be installed on the underside of your Flight deck with 4 screws. Or if you prefer, Velcro Tape. When installed, just program the Parking Brake using your FS2004, P3D, FSX, FSUIPC or even your copy of X-Plane v10 and v11
2400 Parking
Brake Module
Includes USB Cable
Come Check-out our Re-Designed 430 GNS Panel for X-Plane
Throttle Quadrant Model 2780/2790
Both Panels can be seen HERE
Supports X-Plane & FSX/FSUIPC
* Designed with the Cessna aircraft in mind,
  the 2780/90 are a completely self contained
  Throttle Quadrant. Mounted inside an
  attractive light gray plastic case, the 2780
  will greatly increase the realism of your
* Compatible with FSX/FSUIPC, Prepar
  3D and X-Plane
* Uses Standard Series "B" USB Connector
* Uses our 3D Printed Throttle Assys
* 12 Bit Resoution for precise settings
* Easily calibrated using the Calibration Window
  found in XP,   Win 7, and Win 10 computers.

Model 2780
Model 2790