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Recommended Aviation LINKS

VHF omnidirectional range (or VOR for Short) - VOR, short for VHF Omni-directional Radio Range, is a type of radio navigation

system for aircraft. VORs broadcast a VHF radio signal encoding both the identity of the station and the angle to it, telling the pilot

in what direction he lies from the VOR station, referred to as the radial. Comparing two such measures on a chart allows for a fix. In

many cases the VOR stations have a colocated DME or Distance Measuring Equipment to provide distance measurement allowing

for a one-station fix. Sound Confusing? Click HERE for a really down-to-earth on How VORs Work.

VOR Concept Java Applet
- Now that you have read how VORs work, now is the time to put it to some use. This site is a basic

Java Applet that lets you position an airplane in relation to two VORs and see how the needle deflects.


LIVE Air Traffic Control Audio Feeds - This site was launched as a resource for those who enjoy listening to live Air Traffic Control

(ATC)...aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, student air traffic controllers, flight simulation enthusiasts, FBO operators, airline operators,

and anyone with an interest in aviation communications.


Google Earth - Flying to an unfamiliar airport? Download a free tool from Google, type in the address or point and click and get a 3-D

aerial view.


FREE Learn to Fly Kit - That's right! - FREE Information Direct from ASA, Be a Pilot, Cessna Pilot Center, Jappesen, King Schools and many, many others. Sponsored by PLANE & PILOT Magazine, just follow this link, enter your name and address; and these fine companies will send you all the information you will ever need on FLYING.

THE BOEING 737 Technical Site - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Boeing 737; Instrument layout, Emergency Equipment, Technical Photographs, Aircraft Specifications, Pilot notes and MUCH More.