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SUPER Rotary Encoder
USB Junction Box # 2130
Pulse Generator #2120

Avionics Panel  # 2100

USB Junction Box # 2050

Avionics Switch # 1020


USB Adapter # 2097

NAV/COM Radio # 2010

AUTOPILOT Panel # 2020
Elevator Trim Wheel Kit
IL-2 & Falcon Controls
X-Plane Toggle Controls

USB to 20 Button Interface

X-Plane 1-Pulse Junction Box

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Flight Simulator Articles
Hey Guys/Gals! Listen-up. Desktop Aviator is looking for some Contributing Authors. If you have writen an Article dealing with Flight Simulators MS 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, Aircraft or FS Improvments. Or you just want to share your ideas, comments or Program Modifications with other Flight Simmers.

I want to HEAR FROM YOU!

Have your article published HERE. Just email them in .ZIP format to:




Alignment Bar - Easy Panel.cfg modification so you can "Nail" your Approaches and

Landings with Ease. This is an easy modification that anyone can make to their Flight

Simulator 2002 and 2004 Program. It allows a BLUE Bar to be placed on your screen;

all you have to do is to "Line-Up" your aircraft (on Approach) with the Runway. Keeping

the Blue Alignment Bar lines-up with the Centerline, it's a sure thing that your Landing

will be "Picture Perfect" EVERY TIME.


X-Plane & The 2160 on the Mac OS(Added 1/10/2010) - Or "How to Tame the Dreaded "Ghost" inputs on X-Plane's Buttons: Adv Window". Well, our 2160 and 2020 circuit boards work quite well with MS Windows but there were a few problems when it came to using the circuit boards and panels on a MAC computer; "Ghost" inputs. Well, one of our customers investigated this problem and SOLVED it. So here is his short Article showing you just what he did. A MUST read for all MAC owners thinking about purchasing DTA Boards and panels for their computers.


Micro Aviator(Added 10/15/2008) - Download a FREE copy of England's Best Online Flight Simulator Magazine.


How to Build Your Own Push/Pull Throttle Quadrant (Added 09/28/2008) - Articles to build Lever Type Throttle Quadrant are all 

over the internet but a Push/Pull Throttle for your Cessna or compatible aircraft is not to be found; Until NOW! Using readily available

parts from Desktop Aviator, and this article, you can construct your very own Throttle Quadrant.


Toggle Switches Part #1 - Easy Approach to adding Push Button & Toggle Switches to your FS with a device called USB to 10 Button



Add Toggle & Rocker Switches to the USB to 10 Button INTERFACE Part #2 (Added 02/14/2006) - A number of customers asked

me for additional information on adding Push Button, Rocker and Mini-Toggle Switches to the 10 Button INTERFACE (Model #805). Well

here it is. A lite-hearted approach to the design and implimentation and interfacing your aircraft panel to readily available automotive switches.

Rotary Encoder Switches - Learn the Inner Workings of these Flight Simulator Work Horses. Learn how you might be able to incorporate
Rotary Encoders in the Radio Shack of your 747.

Make an Ignition Switch - A download from SimKits on how to make a Cessna Starter Switch with spring-return. Just like the REAL Thing.

My FS9 Autopilot by: Don "dowop" Loy - (Added 03/01/2006) A short article I wrote on how I used the Desktop Aviator's
USB to 10
to wire-up a home-made Autopilot for my flight simulator.

My 737 Project by David Laquerre - (Added 11/27/2006) I'm building a full size 737 cockpit. Looks really GREAT! Come take a look.

Adding an Elevator Trim Wheel to Your CH Products Flight Yoke by Steve Sokolowski - (Added 12/03/2006) A Very easy
modification to your CH Product's Yoke so you can add even MORE Realism to your flight with the addition of a 7 inch Elevator Trim Wheel.

Building My Own Trim Wheel by Raymond Masser - (Added 03/09/2007) I read the article by Steve Sokolowski and I thought I can
do that". So I did. I made my own Elevator Trim Wheel. Click the LINK to see how I did it.




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